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Newcomer - Dads Of Stillwater book 1

Newcomer - Dads Of Stillwater book 1

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I lost everything in the fight for my daughter...

So, with my tail between my legs and completely out of options, I ran back to Stillwater. The town that stole everything from me.

The only silver lining is...Arlo.
Arlo, who won my daughter’s heart with a simple gesture. Arlo, who charmed me before I even knew his name. And here I thought returning home was going to be yet another train-wreck.

How could I not fall for the guy who didn’t think twice about taking a phallic-looking plant into a bar for a drink.
We both have secrets, baggage, and a connection that feels more real than any I’ve had before.

But I can’t start something new.
Not in the town that still hates me and is not afraid to show me every step of the way.
Besides, I need to put my daughter first.

Can the newcomer and the returnee change the town that never changes?

Newcomer is book 1 in Ana Ashley’s new series, Dads of Stillwater.
Welcome to Stillwater where you can find single dads, sassy kids and Ana’s usual cast of intriguing secondary characters.

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